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Shaykh-ul-Hadees Mufti Ahmadul Qaderi

Shyakh Mufti Ahmadul Qaderi دامت برکاته received his Ijaza in Alim, Fazil and Mufti courses from Aljamia-tul-Ashriaf MubrakPur. Mufti Saheb spent many years teaching and producing Ulama at Aljamiat-ul-Ashraif after graduation. Then he moved to Africa for Dawah. Afterwards, he moved to Chicago USA in 90s following to Dallas TX. Since then, he has been serving the Dallas. Community

Shaykh Mufti Hafeezur Rahman

Shaykh Kaleemullah Nizami

Shaykh Maulana Kaleem Raza Qadri

Shaykh Maulana Omair Jabbar Qadri

Hafiz Ahmed Mohiyuddin